Board Games

Checkers Legend

Play a fun and challenging game of checkers! Choose your difficulty settings and play against the computer AI or another player. Jump over and collect all the opponents checker pieces to win the game.

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Zen Coloring

Relax and color some ornate images while listening to calming music.

Master Checkers

Play a challenging game of checkers against the AI or another player.

Tiki Solitaire

Play a relaxing game of solitaire in a Tiki setting.

Hotel Solitaire

Welcome to Hotel Solitaire. Take the elevator to reach one of its 20 floors. On each floor you will find 5 rooms, each with its own game of solitaire. Play all the way through to reach the terrace of this happy hotel and enjoy the view.

4 Pics 1 Word Online

Guess the word that all four pics have in common.